Craig Scott

Craig Scott
Mike Vitelli and Craig Scott

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Role Models

We often use the term "role model" too loosely in our society. I've seen blog posts, tweets, articles, etc from people who are disappointed in someone like Tiger Woods because he was such a "role model". Do we place too much emphasis on what the person is athletically able to do and less about who they are? Who are your role models and why? What SHOULD a good role model say or do? What type of character should they have? Is it fair to celebrities for us to just assume they live the perfect lives so we can look up to them??

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rachel's Challenge

What an amazing day yesterday was for Norton High School and also the Norton Community. A special thanks to Craig Scott for his presentations and also thanks to the student body for being so open minded and allowing their hearts to be vulnerable. I honestly believe with the work we've done as a Wellness department leading up to this presentation and also the committment from students to make Rachel's Challenge happen, that we can affect a cultural change for the better at NHS.