Craig Scott

Craig Scott
Mike Vitelli and Craig Scott

Monday, March 15, 2010

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! Here are some ways to incorporate the theme of “Nutrition from the ground up” into your diet:

To include more veggies in your diet try some of the vegetable-based soups!

To include more fruits in your diet try visiting the “salad bar” at breakfast!

To include more whole grains in your diet try making a sandwich with one slice of whole wheat bread and one slice of your favorite bread!

To include more nuts in your diet try snacking on a handful a day, vary the type!

To include more beans in your diet try the hummus!


Anonymous said...

i think it would be great to have a salad in my diet it would make everyone smarter and happier!

Tianna Prine B Block

Anonymous said...

Eating a healthy diet is important to your overall health but exercise is important too. Eating healthy is great, but without proper exercise, people are still at risk for so many health issues. Eating more nutritious foods is great but in conjunction with an exercise regimen it could really improve your health and lifestyle.

Kerryn C. B block

Sam Baker said...

This is my life as a vegan <333